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Max Globus

Our company, specializes in crafting distinctive and intelligent websites tailored to our clients’ exact specifications. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including Site Building & Development, Data Engineering & Technical Support, and Site Monitoring & Security.

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Site Building & Development

Empowering our clients with the tools to effortlessly construct their websites. These user-friendly tools are designed to simplify the website creation process, allowing our clients to build their own sites with ease and without any complexities

Data Engineering & Technical Service

We deliver meticulously customized support services to our clients, ensuring the seamless operation of their online projects. Our comprehensive assistance encompasses routine web systems maintenance, full help-desk support for operational management, development, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery, all aimed at guaranteeing the smooth functioning of your web systems.

Site Monitoring & Security

We take the proactive approach to ensure that your web application is not only available but also performs optimally from anywhere in the world. Our monitoring solutions are designed to track website health and availability, guaranteeing better uptime, enhanced security, peak performance, and a seamless user experience. Our system also alerts our support staff promptly when your page doesn't function as expected. Stay tuned for this upcoming service.

Our Features

Web Development


API Development

Online Marketing

IT Infrastructure

Research and Analysis

Software Development

Data Management

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  1. Selecting the Right Pricing Plan

Determining the most suitable pricing plan for your website is the initial step in our process.

  1. Gathering Information & Content

We gather all the necessary information and images to populate your website, ensuring it represents your vision and brand effectively.

  1. Choosing Modern Designs and Layouts

Tailoring your website’s design and layout to align with your specific requirements is our next focus.

  1. Website Development with WordPress

Our development and construction phase commences with the utilization of WordPress, a versatile platform known for its flexibility and functionality.

  1. Client Approval and Decision

Upon completion and approval of the website, the client holds the final decision. You can opt to continue receiving our support, site monitoring, and technical services, or take full control and responsibility for your website.

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